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Our largest available suite. Magalloway Suite has its own sitting room with a sleeper loveseat which makes it perfect for a family with a small child or an executive who wants an area to work. This suite has a private bath, TV and Wifi.
The breath-taking view of First Connecticut Lake and  Magalloway Mt. will put you immediately at ease and in a state of relaxation. Magalloway Suite is $110.00 per night.


           Magalloway Suite At Bear Tree                  


Magalloway Suite Sitting Room at Bear Tree

This is the perfect room for the guest who doesn't need much! The Cabin is not en suite, the bathroom is just 2 steps outside your door.Relax in a  full size bed with  flatscreen HD television after a long day of hiking or riding. Priced right at $65.00 per night based on double occupancy.  

 The Cabin


Our only single suite which offers its occupant a beautiful view of 1st Connecticut Lake with a sitting area and desk along with a private bathroom, TV and WifI. This guestroom is $60.00 per night.

Carmels Corner at Bear Tree


Carmels Corner At Bear Tree



                               This luxury suite has a king-size bed, small sitting area with a view of First Connecticut Lake and boasts its own private entrance. Sophia's Suite is the most popular of our suites and includes a  HD television, WiFi, mini fridge and private bath. This guestroom is $130.00 per night and one-night stays are accommodated.






In the autumn of 2002 Bear Tree Rental purchased a 6.2-acre parcel of land upon which four unique log structures pre-existed. The uniqueness of the buildings, coupled with their layout on the site had great appeal to us.


The site has a compound configuration reminiscent of the plot plans associated with the old hunting and fishing camps from a bye-gone era complete with the traditional game pole. To whet the appetite of all outdoor enthusiasts, there is a trout-feeding pond from which the neighboring deer and moose frequently drink.


Adjacent to the pond, there is a picnic area with several tables and a barbecue pit. Toward the back of the property, there are game trails and a snowmobile trail that makes for a great game viewing adventure.


Over the winter months, (02 – 03), the interiors of these buildings were refurbished with a goal of adding all the modern amenities while preserving the charm and rugged appeal of the past. Careful thought has gone into the furnishing of each unit including memorabilia, etc. in an attempt to preserve a nostalgic atmosphere.




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