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Hiking Trail Information 
THE CONNECTICUT LAKES REGION – At the top of the state of New Hampshire is a string of great lakes, one nearly 3,000 acres large, that form the headwaters of New England’s longest waterway, the Connecticut River. This lake country reveals a string of low summits that offer sweeping vistas of three states and Quebec province. The largest volume waterfall on the trail, Falls in the River, is a must. Stay at Lake Francis Campground or Mountain Bungalow (donations only) right on the trail. The longest puncheon span (bog bridge string) in the state bridges a vast spruce bog here. At several points, there are expansive views over thousands of acres of lake water. For more information, go to

Snowmobiling Pittsburg 
Pittsburg Ridge Runners Snowmobile Club – 538-7347. 
New Hampshire's largest club with more than 3,000 members and we groom more than 200 miles of trails. Our trails connect to Canada, Maine, Vermont and trails of the Swift Diamond Riders, Colebrook Ski-Bees and the Umbagog Snowmobile Association in NH. We groom trails daily as conditions permit. 

Where can you purchase your OHRV
registrations in Pittsburg?
State Power Equipment - NH registrations, Canadian trail passes, and ME registrations 
Young's Store - NH registrations and Canadian trail passes

Sled and ATV Rentals

Bear Rock Adventures - 

Trailside Rentals 

Boat Rentals
Lopstick Rental Experience

Groceries & Such 
Young’s General Store ~ Rt. 3 – 
As the sign says, it has “Generally Everything”! Full service grocery store Take Out Pizza NH State Liquor Store Fishing, Hunting Licenses Snowmobile & ATV Registration

Gas Station 
Young’s General Store ~ Rt. 3 Dorman Gas ~ Rt. 3 
Parts & Service Granite State Power Equipment – 538-6349